Friday, 26 August 2011

MOBO's Fu*k A Jason Derulo!!!!

Hey all my Vexers and Vexettes!!!

Hope you all having a good day, its Friday so it’s the end of the working week! Those in London I’m sure a lot of you are getting ready for Notting Hill Carnival, I wish I could show enthusiasm for it. But I really just want it to come and go as quickly as possible and I even LIVE on the Carnival Route so its technical!


My blog today is NOT about Notting Hill Carnival oh no no no! Today my small little ears came across some upsetting news that I felt I simply had to blog about! You guys know me and my rage as it is.

This morning as usual, I was on Twitter, greeting everyone and seeing what the latest gossip is, my eyes grazed a tweet which informed me that:

Jason Derulo will be co-hosting the MOBO Awards

Did you just read what I wrote…Jason Derulo?? Don’t rage me.
Firstly, words can’t describe how much I DETEST Jason Derulo, from when he first came out with his music even his face annoys me. He’s some wannabe Chris Brown/MJ/Craig David singer with his DEAD music (I don't even class his music being of black origin) and dance moves.  I can’t even listen to Jason Derulo sing for 4 minutes, let alone speak for a whole night for the MOBO awards, don’t upset my ovaries! and you know he’s going to be wearing some skinny jeans, long foot trainers and rebore Michael Jackson leather jacket #ExitStageRight.

My first question to the management of the MOBO’s would be what were you sniffing to think that JASON DERULO would be an adequate host for the MOBO Awards? I don’t care that he’s had number 1 songs here & internationally so has Bob the Builder what’s your flipping point?

I haven’t been a fan of the MOBO’s for a few years now, and mainly because there FLIPPING BORING! Never in my life have I seen a music awards that actually PUTS me to sleep! The BET awards shows are like 2/3 hours long and although I wasn’t really impressed by this year’s BET awards apart from Kevin Hart being the host, I usually watch & enjoy most the BET Awards.  I remember as a kid recording every MOBO award show and getting excited when I knew it was coming up to the MOBO's, nowadays I doubt many youths or people may age have that same enthusiasm.

The problem with the MOBO’s is that they are trying to Americanise (if that’s not a word I don’t care you know what I mean) their award ceremony. Last year they gave a whole load of the awards to US artists who didn’t even bother to show up! I guarantee when Beyonce found out she won a MOBO she didn’t even crack a smile, she probably doesn’t even know what a MOBO is, right now her MOBO is being used as a door stopper in her house (tell me I’m lying).  When artists are not able to come to the MTV awards, they send 1 2 2 video  and make up some DEAD speech about “I wish I could be there tonight but thank you for my award…” blah blah blah you know how the setup is. When it came to the MOBO’s the US artist didn’t even FART on them! And the MOBO’s don’t FART on the UK music industry!

The MOBO’s need to realise the US have enough award ceremonies in their own country to last them the whole year, they don’t NEED or WANT the MOBO’s.
The MOBO’s need to go back to what why they originally started, it’s supposed to be a platform and support of BLACK BRITISH music and entertainment industry.  Especially considering how well Black British artists in particular grime artists are doing in the music industry, the MOBO management didn’t think to show support to them. Wretch 32 just had a number 1, Tinchy Stryder, Chipmunk, Giggs, Estelle, Tinie Tempa, Katy B are all making movements and representing the UK and they didn’t think to ask them to host the MOBO awards? I would be surprised if you even see any of them perform during this year’s MOBO’s. If 2 of them do I will chew on my own left breast (real talk).

Can I just go back to the point of Jason Derulo??? JASON DERULO???

Why could they not get Idris Elba, Richard Blackwood, Reggie Yates, Kat B too name a few to host the MOBO awards? Better yet, we just had Jamal Edwards of SBTV on his own Google/Youtube advert this would have been the perfect opportunity to use one of our own to host the MOBO awards!

The MOBO awards should feel shame, people are more supportive to the BRIT awards than the MOBO’s , they need to wake up and realise they are nowhere CLOSE to BET and neither do they have their budget so get realistic! The MOBO awards are on a Primark budget compared to other award ceremonies, or quite simply they don’t know how to market and use their money productively.

Companies and media outlets should be fighting to be featured and be associated with the MOBO’s, I don’t see that happening! I don’t even see any TV or online promotion for the MOBO awards! That’s a serious problem! Kanya King she has achieved a lot being CEO of the MOBO awards and I’m not trying to take away from that because I respect her and everything she's done, but she needs to seriously revamp and change up the WHOLE award ceremony. So I’ve taken the liberty to give her 1 2 2 pointers (its technical)

1)      FIRE Jason Derulo as co-host for MOBO’s.

2)      FIRE Jason Derulo as co-host for MOBO’s.

3)      FIRE Jason Derulo as co-hose for MOBO’s (yes I repeated it three times to show my enthusiasm kiss my ass so what!)

4)      Have ONE International category for the US artists, the majority of the awards should go to UK talent.

5)       Introduce an interactive competition (even if it’s just shown on Youtube) for a “MOBO Rising Star” so that unsigned artists have a chance to perform.

6)      Bring the MOBO’s BACK to London, if you want to make it different at least change the location every year, because who is trying to travel to Glasgow? and have you seen the ticket prices of the MOBO’s? I could use that money to go on HOLIDAY (yes its that’s technical)

7)      Incorporate both past AND present UK artists in performances of the MOBO awards that includes garage/house/lovers rock/reggae.

8)      More LIVE BAND performances from the NOMINEE’S and WINNERS! and LESS talk from backstage etc (Last year Guvna B won best Gospel Act, and I would have loved to see him perform on TV)

9)      Introduce a young , fresh and creative team to the MOBO management, including myself of course *cough cough*.

I guarantee you this year Talay Riley, Nathan, Loick Essien, Labrinth will not even be mentioned or perform, they should be supporting UK R&B artists, instead of worrying about the US artist, they already have their MTV Cribs and all sorts! That’s a real shame as well, because that’s why so many youths nowadays idolise the US artists and don’t support their own because even our own award ceremonies don’t do the same!

MOBO’s need to bring the entertainment and fun back into the award ceremony, bring in the UK culture and mix in the UK film/TV into the music ceremony, because they are all as important as each other!
Mix in some Luther with Idris on stage (yum yum) looking for the mass murderer  Rastamouse, make Rastamouse come on stage and have them all singing a reggae song for all I care just do SOMETHING entertaining!

The MOBO’s could be so amazing, if they were willing to listen to the public and not set in their own ways, times are forever changing as is the music industry, therefore the music award show should adapt with it, but it seems every year the MOBO’s seem to be getting WORSE, the fact they got JASON DERULO speaks volumes!

I'm unsure whether I will bother watch the awards this year, the only reason I do is because it's one of very few events that are televised supporting BLACK talent however I feel their vision has been lost recently, so in all MOBO awards = BBM THUMBS DOWN FACE

 Kisses & Bumflicks!


  1. Totally agree with what you say. what's the use of having a BRITISH awards show when almost everything in it is leaning towards the American side???
    Why Jason Derulo as well? i mean, i don't hate him but they could have done better!! i dont even think Americans rate the dude!
    i have never really watched the MOBOs and i think the day i tried, i changed the channel cos it was too... mehhhhhhhh. they need to UP their game. and if they want to keep adding American catrogies & artists to their presentation then they might as well change their name to Music of Black Origin and-bumsuck-Americans Awards Show.

  2. Hey Miss Vex 100% back you on this - The Mobo's defo need to change things up last years awards was shockingly bad - They will get more support from black people & "Urban music fans" keeping it the same as it's original purpose - Mainstream media and white folk don't care to much for the Mobo awards so trying to make it to mainstream will just lose support of the people that count

    I am also disappointed to see an American co-hosting the mobo's it's been a massive year for UK Urban Talents who are in fact taking over the mainstream media The Mobo's should of got a UK talent to co-host with so much options I find it hard to believe they couldn't find anyone suitable

    I hope the awards go out to the right acts this year and yep time The Mobo's supported unsigned talents

    Respect to Kanya King but she needs to get a team that supports her initial dream of the Mobo's

    Pink 'N' Black :D

  3. Without repeating what you said, I back you 100! Time the MOBO's need to embrace more of the brits. We have enough stars to do so also, it's about time we jump of the U.S 'dick'. I mean come on you telling me out of everyone they could find they want that Jason dude (who says name in every song) to host the MOBO's? Why not Slim the comedian, or Idris Elba or Eddie Kadi or Tulisa from Nubz...I could go on. Point is keep it British. Only time the U.S use British host is when theyuse da same ppl, Russel Brand and Ricky G. Anyways without ranting on, I'll leave with this, remember where u lot started! BLESS 100! Sir BIGGA

  4. I agree with you 100% Luv!! I was Tweeting the same thing yesterday!! I can't leave a long message cause I'm reading this from my friends wedding!! I know I'm Bad!! Lool :-s but yep spot on Luv!!Good work!!

    FAB aka FABsnetwork

  5. before i even go on .....can some elaborate as 2 why Jason derulo is HOSTING the mobo's???

    Our people in the UK work so freakin hard and LARDD knows they progressing ,what i don't get is why lick artist from the US ass ,when they don't even know what a mobo is ??

    People such as Jay-z and more come down to the UK to sign our people and yet the MOBO's would rather give all the award of the night to beyonce (who would as usual send some video she pre recorded since last year) then think any UK artist is good enough ?? i dont understand

    cmmmooooorn we got:

    Eddie khadi
    Richard blackwood
    Wretch 32
    jessie j
    Tinie tempah i really have to go on ??

    Bring the old MOBO back!!!

    SHMADEE . ;-)

  6. Go ask Kanya King. What your reporting here ain't new. its a travesty that this Music Of Black Origin ( more Marketing Of Business Opportunities) can be to UK black music, what the BET Awards is to Afro american music. From day one the choices this body has made has been questionable. The fact that there was another more prominent award for UK artist at the time shows that the MOBO has grown.

    The decisions made by this Crystal Rose researcher, has been perplexing. she has always looked to court the US music industry, often having hosts who do not have a clue about British music or the artists.

    The fact that Kanya had remortgaged her house, shows you that she was determined, however also tells you she would suck any corporate dick to get to her goal.

    This nicely leads to Jason Derulo. Join, the dots, follow the money.

    @shmadee what do you mean bring back the old Mobo? This is the same Mobo from launch. Fame hungry suck a dick ho mentality. Even the name Music of Black Origin was a corporate move. This allows the brand to include the likes of Katy Perry to appear and receive awards.

  7. mobo's suck endof...hey kids learn a musical instrument then listen to earth,wind and fire,cameo and patrice rushen AND BRING BACK FUNK! where is incognito's lifetime achievment award!!!??